Where's the Power?

By Sylvia Bambola Monday, 29 November 2010 11:04:00

Ever wonder why many of our present day Christian Churches are so anemic?  I have. And the answer I’ve come up with is this: it’s because they are filled with anemic Christians. I mean, where are the Smith Wigglesworths of today?  True, during the early to mid 1900’s he could pack a church like few others, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  We have a handful of mega churches today with seating up to the rafters.  And true, when he prayed for the healing of others, people actually got healed.  But we have a few preachers today that do the same thing.  And yes, it’s even true that up to fourteen people were reportedly raised from the dead by Wigglesworth. But in parts of Africa, some pastors in small churches are raising the dead too. 


No, what I’m talking about is how Smith Wigglesworth was so connected to God, so sold out, so under the power of the Holy Spirit that often when he walked by a person that person became immediately convicted, and then just as quickly accepted Jesus as Savoir.


Wigglesworth often said that the only book he ever read was the Bible. He was a man who walked by faith; a man who lived by the Word of God. Oh, to be so sold out!  If ever the world needed more Christians this saturated in the love and power of God it is now. But all too often what it sees are Christians who look or act no differently than the rest of society.


In the midst of these hard economic times, in the midst of “wars and rumors of wars” people are looking for answers.  And that’s were the Body of Christ comes in.  Most of us have not been called to preach in churches or even conduct healing services, but we have all been called to be “salt and light” and that’s not easy.  It can only be accomplished by submission to the Holy Spirit and by cultivating a deep intimate relationship with Jesus. But unless we do this how can we be of any use in an ever darkening world?


Just some thoughts.


Until next week,