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: Return To Appleton

Publish Date 2005
Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0-8024-7906-8
Return To Appleton

When Gloria Bickford moves back to her hometown, she knows she needs to make peace with a lot of people. She also realizes that her big city problems followed her home. As she discovers the truth about a land development, she finds herself entwined with more than she bargained for.

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Sylvia Bambola stitches a tapestry of vivid characters and weaves them into a story full of love, hate, murder, and the persistent love of Jesus.
Lois Richer
Author of <i>Shadowed Secrets</i>
You’ll be turning pages to find out what happens next.
Lorena Mccourtney
Author of <i>Invisible</i>
A satisfying, upbeat read.
Lyn Cote
Author of <i>The Women of Ivy Manor</i> series

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