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: Mercy at Midnight

Publish Date 2016
Heritage Publishing House
ISBN: 978-0-9899707-5-4
Mercy at Midnight

Three people—three Divine appointments

Cynthia Wells, an undercover reporter with a dark secret and in search of a story, finds more than she bargains for, including a love she never expected.

Jonathan Holms, pastor of affluent Christ Church, is stunned when God directs him to a mission where he must come to grips with a killer and his own difficult past.

Stubby White was never anything and he was sure he’d never be anything, not with all the bad breaks he’s had. But at the Beacon Mission, when he finds the promise of a new life, he must decide whether to dwell in the past or break from it.  

All three are thrown together by converging circumstances involving danger and a mysterious killer who seems bent on destroying them all.



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