Best of the Christian Web:
Comprehensive site that covers everything from Bible studies to software.

Open Doors:
Information on the Persecuted Church.
Christian Coalition:
Politics with a Christian perspective. Full of information.

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries:
A division of American Life League, Inc. deals in healing after abortion.

Interesting site developed by Christianity Today, Inc. and includes all their magazines plus other good stuff.

The American Life League:
A comprehensive site with all sorts of facts and information on abortion.

A perfectly wonderful site that has something for Christians of all ages-sports, music, health, a section for women, another for men, a calendar of events, a movie guide and so much more.

The Rutherford Institute:
"Dedicated to defending civil liberties and human rights" including religious freedom.

 Link International:
Great site, geared to Christian students and concentrates on Christian persecution.

The Voice of the Martyrs:
An organization created to aid, support and assist the Persecuted Church, worldwide. Has much valuable information.