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Publish Date 1999
Multnomah Publishers
ISBN: 1-57673-694-6
Refiner's Fire

Refiner's Fire is a powerful and suspenseful novel about two brothers. Separated in post war Europe at the age of five, the fraternal twins are brought together, thirty-five years later, by unexpected and dangerous circumstances that jeopardize their marriages, careers and very lives. One brother, Yuri Deyneko, a Colonel in the Romanian regular army, suspects that the new American Ambassador to his country is his lost twin. Ambassador Alexander Wainwright, on the other hand, suspects nothing. The secret life of one brother and the ambition of the other will put them both on a collision course. Set amid Nicolae Ceausescu's Communist Romania of the 80's, where political and religious persecution was severe, the plight of the Underground Christian Church unfolds. It is a time of danger and trial; a time when a man's mettle is refined. Refiner's Fire looks at the best and worst that's in us, and shows that love can triumph in the face of the most terrible evil.

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It stays in your mind. It is not a book to read and promptly forget.
Sue Miller
Alexandria, VA
The rich character development and gripping plot come together in a thought-provoking reading experience.
Michael White
Madison, NJ
Rewarding and inspiring. This true to life novel captures your mind and stirs the innermost emotions of your heart. It elevates love to a new height, giving it a greater dimension.
Diane K. Knapp
Co-Pastor, Full Gospel Christian Center

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