Dear Visitor,

      I suppose there are as many reasons to write as there are writers, and I'd just like to share mine with you. Overall, my desire is to write novels that reflect issues relevant to our times, so generally speaking, expect to see me take on a different issue in each book. Of course over the years I've learned never to say "never," so I can't rule out other types of books either. Who knows, someday I might write pure humor. Stranger things have happened.
      When writing my first book, A Vessel of Honor, I wanted to explore the concept of maintaining honor, integrity and deep convictions in spite of and, indeed, in the midst of difficult or dangerous situations, situations that reflected some of the immoral and dangerous aspects of our modern society. And I wanted to do it within the context of an action story.
      When writing Refiner's Fire and Tears in a Bottle it became more personal. As an adopted child brought to America the concept of being transplanted from one land to another intrigued me. What if one sibling was adopted but the other left behind, I began to wonder? And what if fate brought these two siblings together again? I was also distressed over the accounts of Christian persecution in Romania, the land of my birth, and again lapsed into the "what if" scenario. After all, had circumstances been different, I would have had to grow up under these pressures. "What would life be like for a Christian under Ceausescu's rule?" I asked myself. I researched and studied first-hand accounts to provide a genuine background and the "what if?" soon turned into Refiner's Fire.
      "There but for the grace of God go I," is an expression easy to identify with. It was certainly on my mind while writing Tears in a Bottle, a story of suspense and betrayal that touches the issue of abortion. "Why would anyone want to write about that?" someone asked me. "Well, because…it happens, it matters and it…hurts. It hurts us all." I was twenty when I married. Three years later I became a mother. I thought I was prepared…and so mature. But nothing prepared me for the heartbreak I felt at discovering my son had Down Syndrome, nor the heartbreak of burying him sixteen months later. When I became pregnant again, the doctor suggested I have an amniocentesis, the implication being I was to abort any child with Down Syndrome. My two succeeding children were perfect, Praise God! But God sees the heart and He knows I was prepared to abort my own child. As horrible as that sounds, it is a decision that someone who is afraid and who doesn't know the Lord (I didn't know the Lord then) can mistakenly make. Thousands of women do it every day. And the consequences are grave. The good news is that God is ever ready to forgive and to heal. His love is great enough to cover every sin. We are all sinners saved by grace. All of us need His love, His mercy, His kindness. What a comfort to know He longs to give these to us!

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