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: Waters of Marah

Publish Date 2004
Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0-8024-7905-7
Waters of Marah

For 28 years, Gloria Bickford has lived under the thumb of her overbearing mother. Only twice during that time has Gloria ever had the courage to defy her—when she accepted Jesus as Savior and when she moved into her own apartment. Gloria is about to do it a third time by refusing to marry the man her mother has picked for her and by moving out of town. But after she moves, things quickly go from bad to worse. First, Gloria's neighbor commits suicide. Then Gloria discovers her boss is not quite the man she thought he was. Things continue to heat up when Perth, a semi-runaway, semi-juvenile delinquent attaches herself to Gloria and then again when the radical environmentalists come to town. All these elements combine to create a moral crisis for Gloria, and place her in a position where she stands to lose everything.

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Sylvia Bambola captures glimpses of the human heart with poignant realism. A stimulating and inspirational read that will make you want to cheer!
Kathy Herman
Author of <i>The Baxter series</i>
Sylvia Bambola pulled me from the first words…. I felt in the hands of a skilled writer who knew ever nook and cranny of her character’s interior being.
Janet Janet Chester Bly
Author of <i>Hope Lives Here</i> and twenty-seven other books
Waters of Marah is a different kind of love story…. An engaging read by a very gifted storyteller. Highly recommended!
Randall Ingermanson
Christy Award-winning author of <i>Oxygen and Premonition</i>
Sylvia Bambola has once again touched a deep place in my soul with her writing.
Hanna Alexander
Author of <i>Hideaway</i>, <i>The Crystal Cavern</i>, and <i>The Healing Touch</i> series
Realistic and compelling—a coming of-age story rich with compassion - Waters of Marah satisfies the soul.
Lyn Cote
Author of the <i>Northern Intrigue</i> series

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