Expecting New Arrival

by Sylvia Bambola November 15, 2010 9:32 AM

My kids bought me a Ragdoll cat.  No kidding, there’s actually a breed of cat called Ragdoll!  They are mostly white, long-haired beautiful cats with sweet, lovable dispositions that make good companions.  They are so relaxed they actually go limp when petted, hence the name. The one downside is they don’t like to be left alone.  The perfect cat, really, for someone like me who spends a great deal of time in a home office and could use the company. 


And so my family and I took the long trek to the breeders; I with a brand new carrying case and cat toy; my grandchildren with an assortment of names: snowball, sugar, fluffy . . . .  But instead of getting a female, like I planned, I fell in love with a male who had the most beautiful blue eyes and cute chocolate colored tipped ears. The seller, being a good breeder, wanted to give him a thorough grooming and going over, so I couldn’t take him home as planned. But this week I’ll get Cody.  That’s the name we settled on. 


So as I wait for the big day, I ponder the goodness of God.  He has created such wonderful things for us to enjoy, not only nature in all its beauty, but other creatures as well; creatures with diverse personalities and qualities.  He made something for all of us, even the most discriminating.  We just need to take time to enjoy it: that sunset, the trees with their changing colors, the birds overhead, the scurrying squirrels, the . . . .


Until next week,


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November 16, 2010 2:11 AM #

So true that God has supplied such small things like cats and dogs to be such wonderful pets. Good luck with Cody!

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